*THIS OFFERING IS COMPLETE, No New Reservations will be accepted* - One of the most recognizable silhouettes in all of sports card history, the 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle card is also regarded as one of the most difficult collector finds in a condition of Near Mint or better. You have a first-look to purchase equity in this stunning example on October 18th - only 1000 shares priced at $132 per share, here on Rally.

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Mickey Mantle is perhaps one of the most famous names on the most famous franchise in sports, and the #311 Mantle card is the anchor of the most important post-war card set in existence. The '52 season would be the first of 16 All-Star selections for the Yankee Slugger, a man who made the #7 famous. This particular card is even more unique - When the set was released late in the summer of 1952 sales were a dismal disappointment on account of seasonality. As a result, thousands of cards (including the #311 Mantles) were dumped off a barge and destroyed as cardboard waste. Shares available in app on 10/18, starting at 12pm ET. Questions? Drop us an email at hello@rallyrd.com