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1971 Ali Frazier "Fight of the Century" Contract

Only a handful of sporting events could accurately be described as once-in-a-century, but the “Fight of the Century” between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier lived up to the hype. This contract is the legendary document in which they agreed to engage in “…a boxing contest between FRAZIER and ALI for the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship….” The matchup was the first time two undefeated fighters competed for the heavyweight title and would be the first of three historic bouts between these rivals. The eight-page document is signed by Ali, Frazier, Cloverlay Inc. and the promoter, Jerry Perenchio.

What is Rally?

Rally Rd. allows people to invest in premium collectibles through a simple mobile app. Our team of experts hand selects each investment opportunity and we acquire the assets. They are then securitized—turned into equity and qualified with the SEC — and made available to investors, who can create custom diversified portfolios.

How does it work?

We acquire rare, investment grade, collectibles that we believe are appropriately priced and will increase in value over time. We share all key information about the items with you through our user-friendly mobile platform, including provenance and ownership history, photos and videos, and market prices for comparable assets. If you like what you see, you can invest in each specific asset.
Your trust and safety is important to us, so we partner with FINRA registered broker-dealers who confirm investor identities, issue shares, and oversee all transactions. We also invest with you on every investment offering, so you can be sure we are incentivized to select great assets and manage them with a focus on long-term returns.

Can I see the items I invest in?

The 1975 Ali Boots and the 1971 Fight of the Century contract in the Jalen Ramsey collection are currently on display in our Soho Museum in NYC - 250 Lafayette Street, New York NY, 10012. Drop by Wednesday-Sunday during store hours and we’ll give you the full tour!

How can I make money on Rally Rd?

When you purchase shares on Rally Rd. you invest in an ownership stake in a mini-company that owns and operates a specific asset. If its value rises, so should the value of your shares. If it earns more money than it costs to operate, you can get paid dividends. When you decide to sell your shares, you place an order through our partner broker dealers who will match you with potential buyers.

Are you a Broker-Dealer?

Rally Rd. is not a broker, but we do partner with FINRA & SIPC registered broker dealers to administer our securities transaction. They issue our securities and are responsible for ensuring that we remain in compliance with all SEC regulations. They are here to protect you as investors in the assets and securities on Rally Rd.

How can I sell my investment?

You can sell some or all of your shares on the Rally Rd. app through select registered broker dealers. While your shares are not listed on a public stock exchange, like NASDAQ or NYSE, the trading process should feel familiar.
After an asset’s Initial Offering, we impose a 90-day “lock-up” period during which shares cannot be bought or sold. Once the “lock-up” period is over, the “INVEST” button is replaced with “BUY” and “SELL” buttons so you know the asset is Trading. You can sell your shares during “trading windows,” which open for each car on one specific day each month, by submitting sell orders (“ASKs”) through the app. During the trading window, you can revise your order as often as you want. When it closes, the broker-dealer will match sell orders and buy orders (“BIDs”) to determine the market-clearing price per share. If it’s at or above your ASK, your sale will clear and the buyer’s funds will be deposited in your account.

Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest?

No, the vast majority of the investment opportunities on the App are available to all investors, provided that you do not invest more than 10% of your annual income or net worth in any of our offerings. If you are accredited, that limitation does not apply.

Are there fees to Buy or Sell shares?

In order to keep barriers to participation as low as possible, we don’t charge any commissions or management fees on the value of your investments. And the App is free, so you can browse and participate in community features at no cost. Presently, all your trades are also free.

How do I pay for my investments?

You can pay for investments by linking your bank account to the Rally Rd. App. All transfers in and out are made via an automated-clearing-house (“ACH”). For security protection, we ask that you verify that the linked bank account belongs to you before you can start investing. You can do this instantly by securely logging into your online banking account through our integration with most major banks, or in about 24 hours by verifying the amount of two small micro-deposits sent to your account.
When you sell shares (or if your investments earn dividends), the money will be added to your Rally Rd. balance. You can view your balance at any time by clicking the “$” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the App. You can use these funds to make new investments, or simply withdraw them back to your personal bank account.
Note: We recommend linking a Checking account to avoid potential issues. Savings, money market and brokerage accounts are more often subject to restrictions on ACH transfers.

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