The 1990 NES Super Mario Bros. 3 Video Game

The 1990 NES Super Mario Bros. 3 Video Game

Before American gamers could play Super Mario Bros. 3, they already had a taste thanks to a movie called “The Wizard” which featured the game ahead of its 1990 release. This helped create unprecedented buzz around the third Super Mario installment, and it did not disappoint, selling over 17 million copies and enjoying a lasting reputation as a classic of the 8-bit era. Our #SMB3 is a 1990 NES Super Mario Bros. 3 Video Game that is graded Wata 9.4 A+. Investors who are registered on Rally will be able to participate on April 12th and have a chance to own equity in a piece of priceless Nintendo history!

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$25,000 • $5.00 per share


Super Mario Bros. 3 was ranked the fourth best Mario game of all-time by the Washington Post in 2020, calling it“the creative apex of the 8-bit Nintendo era” and “the one that defined the series for years to come.”

Only 5,000 shares @$5.00 per share will be available to qualified investors on Rally Rd. Once the initial offering is fully funded, this #SMB3 will be professionally stored, maintained, and insured on behalf of the investors. After a minimum 90-day lock up period, investors in #SMB3 will be permitted to offer their shares for sale within the app through registered broker-dealers during regular Trading Windows, and new and existing investors can also place bids to acquire shares.


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