The 1998 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Autographed Jersey Card

The 1998 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Autographed Jersey Card

By 1998, Michael Jordan’s reputation had been solidified. There were no doubters left among the millions that had watched him soar to unprecedented heights as the NBA’s greatest player. With this in mind, Upper Deck released a limited-edition card providing a retrospective view of Jordan’s career while he was still at the top of his game. This #98JORDAN2 is a 1998 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Autographed Jersey Card graded BGS GEM MINT 9.5. From a print-run of just 23 examples (a nod to Jordan’s iconic jersey number), #98JORDAN2 also contains a signed game-worn jersey patch from the 1992-93 season. Investors who are registered on Rally will be able to participate on May 28th and be offered a chance to own a piece of sports history!

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$330,000 • $20.00 per share


#98JORDAN2 is only 1 of 6 1998 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Jersey Autograph Card examples graded BGS 9.5, with none graded above.

Only 16,500 shares @$20.00 per share will be available to qualified investors on Rally Rd. Once the initial offering is fully funded, this #98JORDAN2 will be professionally stored, maintained, and insured on behalf of the investors. After a minimum 90-day lock up period, investors in #98JORDAN2 will be permitted to offer their shares for sale within the app through registered broker-dealers during regular Trading Windows, and new and existing investors can also place bids to acquire shares.


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