The 2002 Lebron James Sneakers Gifted By Kobe Bryant

The 2002 Lebron Sneakers, Gifted By Kobe

As the hottest high school prospect in NBA history, every game was a pivotal one for LeBron James. But in February 2002, the junior’s face-off with top senior prospect Carmelo Anthony was frenzied even by LeBron’s standards. Before the game, LeBron had the opportunity to meet Kobe Bryant. The Lakers star was in the midst of his third straight championship season and took an interest in the 17-year old kid, gifting him this #LJKOBE, a pair of custom Adidas Kobe sneakers. LeBron subsequently wore #LJKOBE as he scored 36 points in front of more than 11,000 fans. Investors who are registered on Rally will be able to participate on May 17th and have a chance to own equity in a one-of-a-kind piece of basketball history!

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#LJKOBE features the “Mamba” silhouette on the insoles as well as an American flag themed colorway, designed to honor the victims of the September 11th attacks the previous year.

#LJKOBE was mentioned by James to ESPN, explaining that Bryant gave him a pair of shoes that he wore the following night: “It was the red-white-and-blue Kobes,” said James. “I was a 15 and he was a 14, and I wore them anyway, and I sat and just talked to him for a bit. He gave me the shoes and I rocked them in the game.”

Only 18,000 shares @$10.00per share will be available to qualified investors on Rally Rd. Once the initial offering is fully funded, the #LJKOBE will be professionally stored, maintained, and insured on behalf of the investors. After a minimum 90-day lock up period, investors in #LJKOBE will be permitted to offer their shares for sale within the app through registered broker-dealers during regular Trading Windows, and new and existing investors can also place bids to acquire shares.


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