The 1976 Apple I Computer, Signed by Woz

The Apple I
Computer, signed by Woz

After positive feedback from the Palo Alto Homebrew Computer Club, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak formed Apple Computers in 1976. Woz sold his HP-65 calculator and Jobs ditched his van, together raising around $1,300 to begin assembling the first boards of what would become the Apple I. With the original Apple I board, box, and a vintage 1976 Sanyo monitor, this #APPLE1 is only one of 200 that was hand built by Steve Wozniak and bares his black felt tip signature: “Woz.”  Investors who are registered on Rally will be able to participate on April 23rd and have a chance to own equity in a piece of tech history! Sign up today to get early access.

$825,000 • $25.00 per share


It’s suspected that far fewer of remaining the 200 Apple-1 computers from 1976 exist today due to Apple’s promotional offers that incentivized trade-ins. This #APPLE1 was recently restored to its original, operational state by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen in September 2020, with a comprehensive test demonstrating the system at full-functionality for eight hours. The condition of the unit evaluated to be 8.0/10.

Once the initial offering is fully funded, #APPLE1 will be professionally stored, maintained, and insured on behalf of the investors. After a minimum 90-day lock up period, investors in #APPLE1 will be permitted to offer their shares for sale within the app through registered broker-dealers during regular Trading Windows, and new and existing investors can also place bids to acquire shares.



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