The Triceratops Skull

The Triceratops

In 1999, Dr. Bobby Deaton excavated a Triceratops prorsus skull from the Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota. At over seven feet long and with all three original horns intact, it was preserved for over a decade following its uncovering. Only a handful of Triceratops prorsus skulls have made their way to market over the past decade. Your chance to own equity in history, exclusively on Rally.

$285,000 • $25.00 per share


At over seven feet long and with all three horns intact, #DEATON was preserved in plaster field jackets for over a decade following its uncovering.  #DEATON is now mounted on a stand for display and comes with osteographs mapping the specimen’s 60-65% original bone content.  Only a handful of Triceratops prorus skulls have been sold over the past decade.


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